Admin GUI Error: File not found

Hi everyone,

I suddenly have a error when working in the Admin GUI.

I have latest Grav with Gantry 5 and a Rocket Theme.
When I click the Gantry 5 menu everything works as normal but when I select a specific Outline and then it’s Layout I get a pop-up error stating: “File not found”

The URL it tries to access is … “/admin/gantry/configurations/home/layout?nonce=47d973f2b80cde4aef128fbea1ceefc4”

All other layouts seems to work 100%.

I cleared the cache but the error remains on that one Outline Layout only.

There are no errors in the Apache or Grav logs.

Any ideas on how to correct this?

I think with the volume of beginner problems you are experiencing and the quietness this weekend, you’ll probably get more satisfaction (faster turnaround) asking your questions on Grav’s discord chat. If you believe you are experiencing reproducable bugs, best to descriptively log those as issues on the project’s Github repo or the repo of the appropriate plugin. I do appreciate your enthusiasm though, hope you enjoy building with Grav :slight_smile:


Thanks, the site is running well. Just a few minor issues.

So I’ve still not been able to solve this issue but all my work on the Outline was not lost because all I did (as a workaround) was to Duplicate the problematic Outline in Gantry 5 and assigned it to my page.

Maybe some dev will still be able to clarify this issue further for others.