Can I use Grav as Classified Website?

I want to develop classified website, and maybe, Grav is good choice

This is the specification

  • Membership

    • member can registration from frontend,
    • member can post ads from frontend

    can Grav handle it? How? please advice me

  • Content

    • categorized content, of course Grav can handle it


Grav can do most of the basics for a classified site:

  • categories
  • content with images
  • user accounts w/registration with login plugin
  • ability to search with simplesearch plugin
  • ad forms with form plugin

However, there is still some work left to do. It would require a plugin that lets a user create and manage ads. These ads would need to be saved as actual pages or in some format that could be injected into actual pages.

It’s not totally trivial but definitely doable via a custom plugin. You would probably also want an admin backend so you can manage these posts when needed.

If you would like professional help with such a project, our development arm. Trilby Media can help you out.

Ok, thank you rhukster