Medium website, is grav the right choice?


I need to build a website that will have a “people” category, for each person there will be a page displaying some text and videos. There will be around 100 people, probably not more than 500.

Would you think grav is a good choice for this kind of website?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, I think so!

Grav would be excellent, because you would by default get the /SITE/people/PERSON-structure, which is an very logical setup as compared to how many other sites organizes person directories.

Yes, you can even display them by department/category. and allow searches of people in all categories or just one by using filters in category. The only problem I have is filters restrict to 3 or so categories. Another word, search in one category or all for now. Search results pagination is not included yet. Hopefully these two I mentioned are easy to do.