Can I search within page categories with Grav? (Evaluating Grav vs other CMS)

I’m evaluating Grav vs other CMS systems for our needs. We need to have searchable resource centers (two of them) on our site and I am not sure if Grav is built for this in mind.

  • I need to be able to create a resource center.
    • I add a page (white paper, embedded video, etc.)
      • There is a category tree above this page. For ex: User Resource Center => Product1 => How to => Page; or Business Resource Center=> Manufacturers => Product1 => Some Subject => Page.
      • Going to a heading will bring up all the Pages under that heading (i.e. “Manufacturers” will bring up all the Pages under all Subjects, under all Products, under Manufacturers.)
      • This needs to be searchable, where a keyword search will bring up all the Pages related to their search.
        I didn’t see anything in Grav that looks like Search and categorization of pages would work in this way. Did I miss something in the documentation? Also, is there a good place online to demo the backend (admin) for Grav? I’ve looked around and haven’t found anything functional that I can log into to test…

Of course, 5 minutes after I posted this I found the documentation on Taxonomy… ( :slight_smile: