Calculated Fields

My Wordpress site has a ‘calculator’ page that allows visitors to run a few basic calculations:

I used a Wordpress plugin called Calculated Fields Form to create the calculator:

Will I be able to reproduce my calculator page in Grav? Will it require code or is there maybe a plugin out there to use?


I am still new to grav so not totally certain but I did not see anything of field calculations in the forms documentation.

The forms plugin is available from the download page and I am guessing you could possible write some code to capture the fields and calculate them but it may be a lot of work.

I believe I read that they are working on a GUi forms builder which may have more functions built it.

One great thing I am learning is how easy it is to add just about any code to your grav site.
You could save the form page from your browser, clean up the file to remove all unneeded code and use the form code and needed js and css files that were saved to your hard drive and add it to the Grav site. Probably just as fast as building the form again.

Another option until they add a GUI Forms tool is possible using something like the forms builder form Anything you build with it should be able to be used just about on any web site.

OK that makes sense. I tell ya, it’s weird, but I find Grav very enjoyable to use even though many (seemingly) simple things are much harder vs using Wordpress for a total newbie like me.

I have learned a lot just playing around with Grav for a few days.

It has taken me a few days to start to grasp how things work. I am not a programmer by nature, everything I do know is self taught and learned from examples and trial and error. Usually I do just whatever is needed. What has helped me was as flaviocopes suggested, going through the themes and I also started going through plugins as well to try see how others are doing things. I also think going into it will require some up front work but overtime the solutions you create to accomplish whatever is needed will be much easier to reuse and maintain. I am excited about the possibilities.