Form sending a SQL request for displaying results on a datatables

Hello everyone !

I am a GRAV freshman user !
I am a Mathematics Master student and I have a project with a researcher which implies the creation of a website that should send SQL requests to a local server and then display the results to the user.

I read the documentation of GRAV and I found the “form custom actions” part which in my opinion should be adapted for my needs.

Let me quicly explain what I want to do.

I need the user to input some data in a form and then it will send the input values to a SQL command for searching in the database (basically this is phpMyAdmin like system). The result will be then displayed as a table (I think about both using the datatables and databases plugins)

I already tried using DokuWiki or the direct Datatables plugin for an Apache server but I know that this will take me too long to create the whole website from scratch whereas many things already exist on the internet. This is why I am now trying to use GRAV which seems great !

This is why I am seeking for help here, hoping you can answer the following questions:

  1. Can anyone confirm that I can do what I need only by using GRAV plugins and probably easy to create homemade plugins? Edit : I think I can do what I want

  2. How can I send the variables values from a form webpage to a PHP function? Edit : I found an already existing topic (I wasn’t using the correct keywords…) here

  3. With the handmade plugin, can I create a ‘temporary html webpage’ displayed in result of the user’s request?

  4. When creating range field on a form, can I provide a variable in the values of a range (basically the database contains mathematical objects whose dimension is stored and I would like the user to input an already existing dimension) ?

I may have more questions in the future.

I am on my way of learning PHP, javascript, and HTML. I already can code in C++, C#, Python, camL. And I also know SQL.

Thank you for your support