button not disappearing

Hi all,

small problem with Quark Open Publishing (awesome) theme. I’ve activated the “Simple search” plugin and set it up as described in the main readme. It is working super fine.

The only problem I’m facing is that, only in the search page, the git sync button of the git sync plugin appears.

The plugin is disabled, in the theme options the git display is set to None (see image) and in all the other pages the git button is not there.

Hi @lacaca, glad to hear you are finding the Quark Open Publishing theme useful!

Here is a previous post that should answer your question:

Let me know how things go.
ps - since this is the second time this question has come up I have updated the Open Publishing Skeleton with this option already set Release v1.5.1 · hibbitts-design/grav-skeleton-open-publishing-space · GitHub