Git sync button not disappearing

Hi all,

small problem with Quark Open Publishing (awesome) theme. I’ve activated the “Simple search” plugin and set it up as described in the main readme. It is working super fine.

The only problem I’m facing is that, only in the search page, the git sync button of the git sync plugin appears.

The plugin is disabled, in the theme options the git display is set to None (see image) and in all the other pages the git button is not there.

Some suggestions on how to worldwide disable the git button from all the pages of the whole website?

Cheers and thanks


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Hi @ghtmtt, in the SimpleSearch Plugin folder look for the file: pages/ and add the following to the page frontmatter:

hide_git_sync_repo_link: true

Please let me know if that results in what you are looking for.

Paul, forget it, sorry :slight_smile: I get what you said. Within the plugin folder… One last question: by editing the file in the plugin folder, isn’t it overwritten by a plugin update?

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Hi @ghtmtt, it might be but not likely due to the simple nature of that page. If it happended you would need to make the above change again though.

Please let me know if this works for you.

yep, working now, thanks!

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Great to hear! Also feel free to connect directly with me in the Grav Discord Room

great, thanks again for the support!

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