Disappearing top menu with Quark theme

I have a Grav site that i have had running for 12 months or so, and recently I had to manually reinstall Grav (as the upgrade function stalled and failed halfway though) No huge deal, i had a backup of my content. The problem now is my drop-down menu disappeared and I can’t work out how to re-enable it. I have half a dozen pages that either use the ‘default’ template or ‘blog’ and I had them dropping beneath the home menu item.

In your user/config/system.yaml, what is the setting of home.hide_in_urls? It looks from your screenshot like your pages are under the /home path. My home section in system.yaml usually looks like this:

  alias: '/home'
  hide_in_urls: true

(or have a look in the relevant part of Admin)

@xarmoda, Since the icons of your child pages are grey instead of blue, I suspect they are not visible.

  • Check if all child pages have a number prefix.
    According the docs on Content/Pages/Folders:

    If no number is provided as a prefix of the folder name, the page is considered to be invisible , and will not show up in the navigation. An example of this would be the error page in the above folder-structure.

  • Or, if no prefix, check if the frontmatter of the page have a visible: true property.
    According the docs on Content/Header/Frontmatter/Visible:

    By default, a page is visible in the navigation if the surrounding folder has a numerical prefix, i.e. /01.home is visible, while /error is not visible . This behavior can be overwritten by setting the visible variable in the header. Valid values are true or false .

Oh I didn’t read carefully enough, seems like @xarmoda wanted that.

Well spotted. Can’t imagine why that would change after restoring from a backup though. I guess we will discover in time.

I had a quick dig but I don’t really have time go further now. I don’t think @pamtbaau needs hints or encouragement :wink:, but I suspect these (as blogposts) don’t have folder prefixes and something has changed in the theme to handle them differently.

@xarmoda did you make any changes to the quark theme directly before you upgraded recently? (suggesting another possibility that your direct theme overrides have been lost)

@hughbris, Interesting guessing game is unfolding due to limited information…

They are not blogposts (item.md) if I understand OP correctly:

  • I have half a dozen pages that either use the ‘default’ template or ‘blog’ and I had them dropping beneath the home menu item.

no changes to the Quark theme.

We had some fun guessing. Is there anything more you can tell us about your setup?

I’ve tried installing other themes. I think the thing to do is wipe the install completely. I have raw content backed up.

I was running FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE-p2. I generally try to only use software from ports for this reason.

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I’ve rebuilt the site from a fresh install. I had backed up content. Thanks for the help everyone.