Built with Grav - Custom Panel for Photoshop

My latest Grav page for my new plugin for Photoshop. Most difficult part was styling it without having any design :smiley:

@Karmalakas, I wonder whether I should flag this as spam… :thinking: It looks like a typical spam post containing a link to a page promoting stuff.

Isn’t it what Showcase category is for? I can delete the post myself, but thought that’s where we may show-off Grav pages :confused:

I thought so too. I’ve seen the category used for sites built with Grav too. I could see this being abused but haven’t seen so much of that yet.

Next time I will surround a joke with <joke>…</joke> tags :slight_smile:

A long standing member showing off a Grav based website in the “Showcase” category…


Now I see what you mean :sweat_smile:

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