Build a media-center


I recently discovered Grav and I started to use it to host our documentation. I’m slowly digging into the code and I’m wondering how I could use it to render a media-center website.

By media-center, I mean, a website that is able to show

  • Thumbnails of all the files (mainly pdf, audio, video, image, app) within a folder
  • Be able to read meta-data from a file
  • Filter them by type, language, tag

Each folder address a specific subject, each subject is part of a thematic, I would like to host up to 20 subject within 6 thematic.

I started to think about the structure, twig template, collection and so on, BUT, before rewriting everything from scratch, have you ever heard about such project in Grav ? What would be your advise to have a good start ? I had few ideas around, is there something better ?

Thanks for any advices!