Media page unified directory

Is ther any way to save all pages media in a separate data/media/pages/ folder ?
It would be nicer for work with git and for sync dev and prod environment !
Thanks in advance

There is nothing in Grav preventing you from storing page media files in directories like data/media/pages/ and for instance data/media/pages/05.about-us/.

Of course you would need to adjust your theme templates so it gets the images from this alternative location.

The downside is that this way of saving page media files is not supported by the Admin Plugin user interface. So there is no support for it out of the box. Which I think makes the whole concept a lot less attractive.

I think this would e great as a ne feature. Allowing to choose an main directory for pages’ images would make sources easier to manage with git.

Drupal, Wordpress store their images in a separate dir which aovid to store binaries in git.

What do you think about this ? Maybe a plugin could be written to achieve this.

A plugin could help. Or you could suggest this on the Grav 2 Roadmap.

There is a way with a blueprint configuration, but I don’t know how.