Breadcrumbs not showing on a modular page


I have a few modular pages on my site. On those pages the breadcrumb menu is not shown, regardless if you put “show_breadcrumbs: true” on the main page or on the subpages or on both.

Am I doing anything wrong?

It seems I’m not the only one having this issue. A similar issue on GitHub hasn’t received answers in about a year:

Thanks in advance.

@marcocevoli I may have overlooked it, but in the modular template of Quark and ‘Open Publishing’ I cannot find ‘partials/breadcrumbs.html.twig’ being included anywhere…

And what is not included, will not be displayed…

The issue you are referring to on GitHub is a custom modular with ‘partials/breadcrumbs.html.twig’ being included.

When I include breadcrumbs into a modular, I can reproduce the issue. It is caused by css which causes modules to overlays the breadcrumb, leaving only a tiny margin for the home icon only.

Thanks. This goes probably beyond my limited skills with twigs and themes, so I’ll leave it to the theme owner(s).

What you could do as a quick-fix…

  • Copy /user/themes/quark-open-publishing/templates/modular.html.twig into /user/themes/mytheme/templates/
  • Copy {% include 'partials/breadcrumbs.html.twig' %} in above template right below {% block body %}
  • In /user/themes/mytheme/css/custom.css add:
#breadcrumbs {
    position: relative;
    z-index: 1;

The breadcrumbs should now be visible, although it could use some extra styling…

Since the styling of Quark is quite ungraspable to me, I would like to ask @paulhibbitts if there is a better way of fixing this.


Hi @pamtbaau, my work with the inherited Quark Open Publishing theme is mostly about support for Git Sync and ‘chromeless’ content display with minimal CSS tweaks - your solution looks reasonable to me🙂

@marcocevoli I think you may forget about my post #4

Have a look at the top ‘feature’ module of the page you are having difficulties with. In the standard QOP skeleton it will be /user/pages/03.modular-page/02.highlights/

In the frontmatter of that page is the following field defined: 'class: offset-box'.
If you comment that line out, breadcrumbs will be visible.

The ‘offset-box’ has the effect of moving the content of the ‘/templates/modular/features.html.twig’ template upwards. When moved upwards, it partly (-3rem) overlays the element above it.

Normally it would nicely overlay the hero-image. In your case it overlays the breadcrumb…


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