Bootstrap Plugin Not Starting from Child Theme

I created a Child theme for the Bootstrap theme which has a dependency on the Bootstrapper plugin.

  - bootstrapper

In the child theme .php I also added the call found int bootstrap/bootstrap.php

public $load_bootstrapper_plugin = true;

But that did not resolve the issue. I’m not that familiar with PHP Streaming so I’m not sure how to debug it any further.

The files missing on the render html page is


``` and --- HTML ```

So I assume the $load_bootstrapper_plugin = true; isn’t being seen or honored somewhere along the way. And adding that line to the child theme .php file doesn’t fix it.

Any ideas on what else to try or look for?

FIXED - not even 5m after I posted this I found the problem and it was how I named the child theme class in the php. I had added “Theme” to the class name.

Once I fixed the child theme class name to match the child theme name AND added the

public $load_bootstrapper_plugin = true;

Everything started working as expected :slight_smile: