Using Bootswatch sub-themes with Grav's Bootstrap theme

I am new to Grav and I am trying to use some of the Bootswatch sub-themes, but I am having some difficulties understanding how to do that. The base Bootstrap css seems to reside in the bootstrapper plugin at


However, replacing that css file with the correspondent file for one of the bootswatch sub-themes does not seem to do anything.

What am I missing? Is there a cached version of the css file somewhere? (I have disabled the caching mechanism in the Admin panel)

replacing the file in the plugin should work, at least temporarily. The next time you update the plugin, your modification will get overridden with the plugin-provided file.

Best bet is to either include the bootstrap files directly in your theme rather than relying on bootstrapped to provide those… That’s just a ‘quick-way’ to get bootstrap loaded, but its not doing anything special. Simply adding the CSS and JS to the assets manager. You an do the same directly in your theme, usually in partials/base.html.twig

Hmm, it does not seem to work. At any rate, I am following your suggestion and will include the bootstrap/bootswatch files directly into my theme