PHP Streaming doesn't seem to be working :/

I am just starting out with Grav, and so far I love to! Of course, I am hitting a few bumps here and there… such as the following.

I installed the “Quark” theme, and I am putting my overrides in my “dsblog” theme, which I just created.

in my user/themes/dsblog/dsblog.yml I have

     type: ReadOnlyStream
         - user/themes/dsblog
         - user/themes/quark

Which, as far as I understand, will first look in dsblog for a file, and if not there will look in quark

There is NO

but there is

So, isn’t GRAV supposed to find blog.html.twig under user/themes/quark/templates/?

But when I load the page I get

Template “blog.html.twig” is not defined.

So, clearly, it is not finding it. What am I missing?


@jeff.milton Renaming dsblog.yml into dsblog.yaml should fix the error.

Thanks, but that was a typo (my brain automatically reverted to Symfony :/). It is called .yaml.

Would you mind trying:

$ bin/gpm install devtools // re-install if already installed before Aug 5th because of bug
$ bin/plugin devtools newtheme
   Enter Theme Name: dsblog2
   Enter Theme Description: dsblog2
   Enter Developer Name: dsblog2
   Enter Developer Email:
   Please choose an option
     [pure-blank ] Basic Theme using Pure.css
     [inheritance] Inherit from another theme
     [copy       ] Copy another theme
    > inheritance
   Please choose a theme to extend: 
     [0] antimatter
     [1] quark
    > quark

… and see if newly created theme dsblog2 does work well?

I do have a dsblog.php, and I believe it is correct

<?php namespace Grav\Theme; use Grav\Common\Grav; use Grav\Common\Theme; class Dsblog extends Quark { However, when I create a new child-theme using Gantry5 plugin, it works (although still not finding the templates/partials/scripts.html.twig, file, but copying it seems to fix that), and I see that rather than having a "dsblog.php" file, it has a "theme.php" <?php namespace Grav\Theme; class Dsblog extends Quark{} So, I guess my questions is sorta answered, but it is not clear when I was doing wrong. Thanks for your replay. Your questions lead me to the solution.

May I ask why you are using Gantry?

I only use home grown themes, which IMHO are dead simple, and so far, I have not seen the added value of Gantry.

I have visited the website, but it doesn’t ring a bell to me…

The only reason I used gantry was because it had a tool that can make a child theme, so, I thought I would test that and see if it streamed properly, and use that to debug mine. It also broke the admin panel, so, I just installed gantry, made a child theme, uninstalled gantry.

And, it worked, but, as I mention, the only diff I see is the name of the blogname.php, which gantry called trheme.php, instead of dsblog.php

I also see that, even with the streaming working, the child theme will not see anything in subdirs under the blogname dir, for example, font, css, js… it only sees files in templates, templates/partials, but not templates/partials/blog.

I am only a few days into checking out GRAV, which I like very much, so, there are many details that I have yet to learn,