Blog Skeleton is rendering the right pane at ~70% width

No changes were made to the code, I was entering pages and now the rendering is messed up. I ran bin/grav clear-cache and tried updating.


this can be a problem with Grav’s text truncation algorithm, since it has been lately changed (and one can see unclosed tags everywhere on your homepage). Your pages (i.e. instread are working and displaying correctly.

You have to wait for @rhukster looking into this issue. Sorry!

I think that @sommerregen is on to something with the summary idea. To work out which page is the culprit, I would unpublished the pages you just added until things return to normal.

Then when you have identified the page that causes the problem, you might want to use an alternative approach to generating the summary.

I personally always use the === (default summary separator) so I have complete control over where the summary is cut.

In the meantime I will take a look at the summary code and see if I can’t hook in a new ‘html-safe’ truncate function.

It looks like the cause was using four back-ticks for a code block. Once I changed it to three the problem went away, and putting it back to four still worked. There is obviously a caching issue going on, that is not the last page I changed before the problem appeared. I now am using four spaces and it seems good after a “bin/grav clear-cache”.

Thanks for the help!