Problem with multiple links

Using Gravistic Blog. When I put more than 6 links in my file, like link, 7th becomes unavailable and combines with Continue Reading link… there’s “Continue Reading…” text but link is broken. I can put more than 6 links one after another?

I think its not specifically a problem with the links as we have no limitation on those, but rather the fact that your 7th link is at the point where the default summary size is cutting it off half way.

The better option, and the one I use on the blog is to use the summary separator === to tell Grav where you want the summary stopped, and the readmore link to show. Below is a sample from the last post I made on

Today along with Grav **0.9.13** being released, we have made several updates to five of our plugins that could cause your site to break.  If you use **Breadcrumbs**, **GitHub**, **Pagination**, **SnipCart** or **TaxonomyList** plugins on your Grav site, you need to read this!


### Reasoning

The reason for this update is purely for consistency, and we need to do it sooner rather than later or the issue will just compound.

This wasn’t well documented before, so I have added it in the documentation.

Thank you. That’s quite funny, because I had a problem with BOLD expanding from 1 post to older posts and sidebar, footer. Couldn’t find, what’s causing that effect. Now I know. Same as with links. Isn’t that strange? That this summary size can cut off styles (so that .md is rendered without closing tag i.e.) and style being spread over the whole document :slight_smile:

Well, it shouldn’t really do that. We’re using a function that is supposed to not break HTML tags, so I will look into it.

Ok i tested this and it does seem to work as expected. The link was cut off in the middle of the text and ellipsis added, but the link was maintained and not broken:

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I also tested with bold tag around, What were you seeing exactly?