Page.summary Not Truncating at `===`

Grav 0.9.4

As I understand the docs, {{ page.summary }} should return the content of my page up until a === delimited in that content.

But that’s not happening. The content is being truncated at some point before the === delimiter. I don’t want to use a fixed number of characters, so am attempting to truncate somewhat manually with ===.

What did I miss?

P.S. I cleared the cache, this time. :slight_smile:

Do you have a summary: size: 300 or something in your site.yaml? If so try removing that. (then clear cache)

The system config summary:size is 300. Should I set the user config to 0? Or blank?

Might be safer to set it to a big number.

When I do that I just get all the content. page.summary does not seem to respect the ===.

I just checked the code and it’s looking for the delimiter to be separated by new lines so make sure you have:


Actually it should not matter what the summary size is as this is only checked if the delimiter is not found first.

ok that’s hard to read in teh quote, but you just make sure there’s a new line above and below the ===

That was it. I had the === inline with the rest of the text. Thanks!