Creating an image blog


I’m asking you for help with Grav. I want to use it for my next project which should be an image blog to present my drawings. My idea is that on the starting page the latest addition should be shown and on the left side an arrow for showing the previous post. For me it’s a mixture between going through a gallery and a blog.
However, I’m currently stuck on ideas to solve this with Grav. Maybe someone of you has done a similar project already and may give me a helping hint.
Many thanks in advance, regards, Thomas

Hi tomdoodle,
so you want your blog behave like some kind of slider, where you are able to “slide” through your posts ?

Best regards,

Yep, right. I also had the idea to use an image slider, but I expect the amount of posts might be too much to use a simple slider. Additionally I do not like the bullets showing the amount of images/elements in the current slide. And the loading time might be too high in some time.

Regards, Thomas

Yeah, i saw this problem too. Your content should be loaded while switching between your posts via ajax. I don’t think you’ll get this kinda “out of the box”. =/ Mhhhhh

That’s why I was thinking of something like a gallery-walk-through where the default setting is showing the gallery from the newest to the oldest entry. But I’m out of ideas on how to get this done in Grav. I also was thinking of a blog as well, but there I also haven’t got any idea on how to show the latest full entry per default on the starting page.

Regards, Thomas

Which theme you’re using?

None at the moment … thinking about creating my own one.

Yeah, good idea ;). But you should build child theme based on the default theme antimatter saves you a lot of time i think.

Then you’re able to change the “blog-item” template. This template is responsible for displaying the content in your blog-overview. In the default state it displays “page.summary” but you could change it to “page.content” for example. Then you should be able to show your whole blog entry in this overview

Corretion: “blog-item” is responsible for displaying an entry for a single post in your blog-overview.

I think I’ve got a solution. I’m going to give it a try and tell the results here. Thanks for helping me thinking.

No problem, dude :wink: