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Hello, everyone.

I am very happy to say that my company started adopting GRAV for all websites that we make. However, there’s one thing we are missing from WordPress–that is, a page listing only blog posts.

In WordPress, there’s a distinction between Pages and Posts. Posts are usually the blog posts while in Pages, there are other pages such as privacy policies and such. GRAV does not make such a distinction. However, we’re thinking that once there are too many blog posts, navigating through them will be quite difficult if they are not shown on their own, with proper pagination (like showing only 20 posts at a time, and clicking on Next to see the next 20).

Is there a way to do this in GRAV? I’d be happy to implement this even as a plug-in, if someone can point me to the right direction.

I appreciate any tips regarding this :slight_smile: Thank you very much!

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Hi @orthocube, are you looking for something on the front-end or in the Admin Panel?:slightly_smiling_face: If in the Admin Panel, there is a significant new feature expected soon in the latest 1.7 Beta called Flexpages, which will also come with a revised Page view in the Admin that might help with your scenario.

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Yes, sorry for being ambiguous, I was talking about the Admin panel :slight_smile:

Currently, all posts and pages in the website are shown as a tree heirarchy in one page, however, we’re worried that as the blog posts become more and more, page list loading might take time, or become hard to navigate, and other things. If we can allocate a specific tab in the Admin panel dedicated to just blog posts (or other postable page categories, like a product listing) instead of listing all pages and posts, with features that might help navigation and searching and deletion of pages easier, then that would really be a killer feature, that will help us get away from the evil that is WordPress, once and for all.

I look forward to that feature, and while I’m not too experienced with PHP (I’m more of a systems programming guy), I’d love to help with that feature if I can.

Thanks for the reply!

Gotcha! One of the Grav Core team members (Andy Miller) posted a sneak peek of the revised Flexpages Admin interface in the main Discord room a few days back if you want to take a look…

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Checked it out, and seemed more functional than WordPress’s own Posts tab!

Way to go! I’m very happy for the community!

Thanks again for letting me know about this, now I can wait patiently!

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