Blog item Carousel/Slider


I started using Grav about a week ago and I’m really excited how easy and flexible it is, especially compared to WordPress and other oldtimers! So, thank you for this beautiful piece of software!
I already read the whole documentation and tried a few things which could be interesting for my new project.

Let me explain where I get stuck. I need a carousel/slider for a page collection of featured blog items which should be implemented as a module with the modular page template in order to reuse it on several pages. I know how to define collections and use them in twig templates, but I don’t know how to construct a carousel/slider out of it.
There are two relevant plugins: Owl Carousel Shortcut plugin and Lightslider Plugin. I tried Owl Carousel, but it is a markdown shortcut, so using it in a twig template seems to be impossible or at least hacky. Is there any chance to write a twig template with such a page collection slider with the Lightslider plugin? Did s omebody created this kind of a slider and could help out or point me into the right direction?

Thanks in advance!