Best Skeleton for Grav Showcase

Dear all,

I am playing around with Grav for a few weeks now, and I intend to create my first real live site with it. Beforehand, I would like to know your opinion. Which skeleton package is the best to study in case of twig organisation, usage of Grav concepts, custom code, organizing settings, reusablity and so on?

I see different approaches, but I would like your opinion on what is best practice?

Love to hear your opinions on this.

As you do, I’m currently attempting to test Grav with various themes and skeletons.

I personally think that the answer to your question will vary according to the scope of what you want to do with it.

For example, if you only focus on the blog capacities, maybe you can look for themes and skeletons which are using a post.html.twig or blog_item.html.twig templates in their structure.

That’s true, but basically Grav is suited for full featured website. So I am looking for a Skeleton who has:

  • forms
  • blog
  • gallery
  • modulars
  • calendar events

The most interesting part (for me) is how the pages and templates are split up. What naming conventions are used. Where the global variables are stored. What custum funtions are needed in THEME.php and so on.

I would like to see a skeleton that drives Grav to the max.

X-Corporation is one of the finest out there.
It offers plenty of possibilities.

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Thanks for suggesting that theme @ameo. I am also looking for a good all-round theme for my first Grav site, and X-Corporation looks great.