Before the purchase

I hope that the absence of diplomacy is not offensive.
I want a template for business. If it is necessary, I will provide more details.
The recognizability of goods and services is provided by social networks. My task is to provide the need for my goods and their recognizibility.
I need a website for expert sales. Gemini is suitable for the following audience: people that are educated, intelligent, fast, always get what they want, a little brutal, spoiled by success. Your task is to create the platform for expert sales, isolated from the shop. Isolation is very reliable.
New challenges demand new desicions. I do not need the website “like the one Masha has”. I need a website to work with the needs of visitors in accordance with their expectations.
Unfortunately, the team continues to produce templates for customers, not for visitors.

I want to buy parts as the need for them appears. The club –“Relic of a Millennium”– is a set of unnecessary goods for the sake of one necessary one.
I do not need to be redirected to other sources. I do not need specialists’ recommendations. They are not proficient in business and advertisement. Therefore, I must give them very detailed instructions, how to create the website and painfully add functions that coders do not understand. All I do is explaining.
Quoting your technical support, “I have told you a hundred times”. Such words are offensive.
A different direction of the shadows is a syndrome of a dangerous mental illness.– I need an instruction to smooth these shadows.
I want to click on an envelope.

I do not trust the word “quick”. I want to see numbers and graphics depending on the load, host parameters, etc.
You write: “a beautiful website in minutes”. Check the ranking, real speed, compatibility, modern functions, interactions with social networks. It will take you a few minutes of fun.
You have not provided the technical specifications and objective benefits of your solutions.
If the client has not understood, it is the seller’s fault.
If the instructions are not available in Russian, the goods are not ready.