A model for local news and a small business

I’d take a risk to offer the community and the team a model and I ask for your approval.

A model is a compilation of needs and expectations of the people, who aren’t ready to pay because they aren’t sure in their success.
The model is based on the conclusions of the analysts about the effectiveness of Internet resources. The main point is to satisfy certain needs of a big group of population.

Principles. A standard combination of commercial and free. People get a useful ready-made decision, which is suitable for personal usage and training. The team gains financially reliable clients. It’s important to start in November, before the holidays come.
Personally I want to get such a site and test it in real conditions. I was told that GRAV has the best case scenario.
The development plan repeats the way of Adobe, Microsoft… I’m sure, marketing experts will touch the spot.
You just have to start somehow.

Model here

P.S. Water for the designer and developer

Effectively works
A double show-case. Video-presentations. Light colors. Famil iar people. Lines of a specific form. A simple control desk and a menu.

Does not work
Blacked-out graphic. Sharp angles. Non-common design. Drawings, schemes, tables. Pictures from the Internet. Icons. Infographics.

Space for text
Cyrillic alphabet takes more place than Latin, the words are long. There’re few types.

Local population
We read only the things which are necessary at the moment.
Order by phone, payment after delivering.
We cannot extrapolate and try multipurpose solutions.
We don’t want to think.
Don’t want to use and don’t understand the constructor.
We don’t know English.

User Tools
Windows. Microsoft Office. Photoshop. Chrome
Mobile +++++. Desktop ++++, Tablet +++

Social networks
Classmates (fa-odnoklassniki), Vk (fa-vk), f (fa-facebook)

Some statistics. Members at least 150 - time to test. Members 150-500 - elimination of errors. 500-3000 - Optimization. 3000 - 12000 - exact positioning

Background. 65 years of optimization.

Manager = girl (blue eyes, pink lips). Card = smile. Compiling (Pinterest, Eduardo Santos … Nothing new).