WOO can make profit. One more step

I have chosen WOO for education (classical, design “in single breath”, lightness sensation, strictly directs emotions of visitors to the purchase etc.) Nevertheless the changeover to the multipage project is still unclear. This is the case of various aspects of sales technology, visitors expectations and GRAV plans.
rhukster: “…what aspects of it you like, I will know what elements to look for in new themes we develop…”
GRAV is determined to pick up all prestigious awards this year, in other words he will spare no effort and skills, use all the victory techniques. New skeleton will come in our view. I am interested in the projects for visitors.
Here are the real visitors . They want to see the products at the end of tether of their monitors. The manufacturers support the purchase of something new. We should take an advantage of it.
iPhone - Buyers. Other - Influence agents.
Their main task is: to bring a product to the buyer.
Traditional business-model: dealing with buyers, blocking of thieves. Priority: team, specialists, customer. Disadvantages: very often a customer does not understand how to operate the project, then he is disillusioned, there are no repeat sales. Services compete with the specialists.
New business-model: All players sell. The first, who used it was Microsoft. Google missed it and lost China (mistakes complex). Priority: visitors, users’ content, team, specialists.
Nowadays (2003 – 2016), the majority of teams cannot pass the psychological bounder “if you cannot sell, give it for free”, but at the same time other large teams use the advantages of it and successfully capture the market. Main point: territorial and financial division of all the players. Focus on the influence agents (for specific aims: people, who would like to launch the project for many uncommercial reasons). These people don’t compete with the buyer (the buyer want it fast), but they create the ad, which cannot be afforded even by the Large business with its budget.
It is worth to foster the efforts in Ukraine (it is reasonably to encourage the USA government, so as many people do underestimate the political component of medium business) and receive volunteers and local specialists, to create the confidence image.
Something about victory techniques: The Intern (2015), Our Brand Is Crisis (2015) - films
To escape from Slider limitations and quick example of dealing with users http://www.ex.ua/798439758297 (user manual, Tutorial, preview http://www.ex.ua/344404886072). The video gets along with Google etc. and SEO.
All baskets in the sphere has major deficiencies. The basket is essential for most of the projects. The purchase – work objective. @flaviocopes is able to create a masterpiece. I think we can start from the psychology of buyers instead of customers’ inventions. It is necessary to provide the constant visual and tactile contact of the buyer with a purchase, if a contact is lost for a moment we ought to start from the very beginning (however these are generally rules, which works even in relationship with girls). The real simulation of the purchase process is of utmost importance. The perfect example is – ATM, which simulates the work of a real cashier. I guess it is impossible to create a basket without preliminary behavior of skeleton (game) from “Add” till “the payment”.
People are becoming more and more lonesome. We should give them a possibility to get advisory support of a real human and to watch a “live” video.
It would be nice to use Google etc. products.
Please, let me know if you going to improve the promising skeleton (Woo, Receptar, etc.)for mobile users?
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