I would like step by step instructions

Sorry for bad English. Grav looks. I would like to step by step create a specific site for non-specialists.
Example. Long ago there was a program Front Page. Sophisticated and new. I’m not a professional. Me helped a lesson "for the people in the street» (PDF). The lesson describes a simple site about sportswear. Step by Step - a sequence of keystrokes. Each step is accompanied by a short explanation. If the required code to explain every word. Not all HTML. I did the first site. Replaced pictures and text. Then came the understanding of the logic of the program.
Unfortunately, today, all the instructions are intended for professionals.

Did you try this to start with: Basic Tutorial

The docs should provide a lot of insight. Yes they are not step-by-step, but frankly Grav is not Frontpage, it’s not an app that comes on your computer, you have to know a little something about how the web works, and how to work with some standard web technologies.

You are right. Only thirst to get a lot of customers and fame makes the developer to write tutorial. Pages 10. Self necessarily appear. I’ll wait. Thank you for your time and attention

P.S.Documentation - good. Try to write a letter in Word. Use only help. Write in old age.