Avif support in Grav

Hello there.

I’m trying to use an avif image in Grav and it shows this error:

TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
    at Function.keys ()
    at http://localhost:8080/grav/user/plugins/admin/themes/grav/js/admin.min.js?01e6f80974:4325:16
    at http://localhost:8080/grav/user/plugins/admin/themes/grav/js/admin.min.js?01e6f80974:890:12

Is there support for AVIF images in Grav?


Hi @pmoreno,
it seems not (grav use Gregwar’s Image PHP library to handle images, and it doesn’t support AVIF)
there was already similar question without a solution,
but webp format works fine, if that option suits you

Hi @b.da

I saw this post on the forum, but since it was from 2015, I thought that after this time there would be a way for Grav to support AVIF files.

I will have to use other formats instead.
Thanks for your answer.