Avif image format error

I just try this type of image. I created simple blog post and add avif image inside and get error.

Given type (avif) is not valid

Type error cannot convert undefined or null to object
at function keys
at https:// .com/user.plugins/admin/theme/grav/js/admin.min.js

@alfabuster, Have you already consulted the docs? Especially the section about Supported Media Files?

Yes. I read this. According this article in the file system/config/media.yaml full list of supported mimetypes. In the file I found

    type: image
    thumb: media/thumb-png.png
    mime: image/png
    type: image
    thumb: media/thumb-webp.png
    mime: image/webp
    type: image
    thumb: media/thumb.png
    mime: image/avif

PNG, Webp works fine. But avif got error.