External Links

In the process of modifying the Antimatter theme for a small static site, I find it necessary to provide external links in the navbar. Adding these links via ‘menu’ in ‘site.yaml’ or within ‘navitation.html.twig’ is successful. However, when the browser windows is a certain width links are pushed below the navbar. When links are removed navbar behavior returns to normal. Next I added pages with ‘redirect’ to the external site in the header, which renders a server error pages not found. I am relatively sure this is a shortfall of our host, and beyond my control. Is there another method by which external links can be added? Thanks!

About the page redirect, make sure you have the protocol, example: redirect: http://site.com. It should work, just tried.

In Antimatter if you have too many menu items, you’re right, the navigation is put below. It’s not an issue with external links, but also happens when you add too many pages to the top level. Add an issue to the Antimatter repo https://github.com/getgrav/grav-theme-antimatter/issues so we don’t lose track of it

OK, will do. Does not work on my development site which is on the same vps, so I feel that it may be my host issues. Will try on a another server and report back!

Confirmed that it is an issue with my vps host, and confirmed that you were of course correct too. It matters not how the links are added, too many menu items (5?) at the top level pushes the navigation below the navbar! Thank You!

I see that this issue is still open, anything I can do to help resolve the issue? Thanks!