Allow end user to edit footer partial like they do for pages

What is the best way to allow the end user to customize the content in the footer which appears on every page?

Currently the footer is a partial twig template and is included in the base.html.twig partial. It isn’t a “page” but I want to let the end user edit the footer like they do pages.

Hi @Sockfuzz, I like to provide a non-routable folder called footer for this, so users can edit footer content just like any page.

Here is an example footer page from my Course Hub skeleton:

And here is some example Twig to check/display the footer:

Hope the above helps,

Thank you for the quick answer!

That is exactly the type of thing I am looking for. I didn’t know you could organize content like that by making a folder type page that is non-routable. My mind was just blown.

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