Taxonomy list (tags) and archive with different blogs

I have different blogs in my Grav site and I want to have a tag list and an archive in the sidebar of the blogs.
I’ve tried to use the official plugins but I’ve only been able to do it for one blog.

Can you help me? What could I do to have a different tag list and archive for each blog?

It’s probably going to require a fork/modification of the core plugins that can be filtered one step further. So you can have blog taxonomy or something and filter one set for Blog 1 and another set for Blog 2. Something like that.

Might be something that could be done in the core plugins. Which ones are you using specifically?

For the tag list I’ve used the “Taxonomy List” plugin and “Archives” for the blog archive.

Anyone? :S

Your really asking for some custom development. Maybe hop on the chat and ask there? I’m kinda busy with some other work and don’t really have time to work on it.