Admin does not parse taxonomy collection with multiple tags

I’m trying to make a main listing page that will effectively ignore child listing pages, by making that main collection reference every category I use (“category” is defined as a taxonomy). I’m doing this inside the admin panel.

A single category works, e.g.:

taxonomy@.category: math

But if I add multiple categories, the page lists no entries. E.g.,

taxonomy@.category: [physics, math]

I’ve tried both pre- and post- ampersand styles, and using single and multi-line taxonomy list. It would appear that the admin plugin is interpretting the braces incorrectly, to generate:

            - commentary
            - math

And if I correct this manually (inside the ‘expert’ tab), I get a parse error.

Just bug in admin or am I missing something? (I’d like to keep using admin for when I’m traveling.) I’d also be open to some alternate way of accomplishing the goal of hiding sub-category pages from the home listing.

Thanks, and I really appreciate all the hard work that’s gone into Grav so far – long-time Blosxom user that hunted for a long time for a suitable substitute.

The above issue remains in terms of multiple tags in a collection. A workaround is multiple collections, which seems to works fine in admin:

- { '@taxonomy.category': math }
- { '@taxonomy.category': physics }

Yes, there are not advanced taxonomy rules in the page collections, your workaround is the standard approach.