Taxonomy and multilanguage

Hi !
I’ve finished a website, and my client asked me if I could add a multi language support. I did so, and activated french & english. Everything went ok, I can now create pages in both language. But since then, taxonomy has starting acting weird.

I had three tax : author, tags, category.
Now that multilanguage is on, only tags & category appear in the admin panel of a new page.

Also, I was embeding those taxonomy in html data in tags, like this for example

{% for auteur in page.header.taxonomy.auteurs %}{{ auteur }} {% endfor %}

And now it doens’t work : /

Ok, so it seems that my taxonomy have been translated, from “tags” to “tag”, and “categorie” to “category”. It can now access them in my pages, but “authors” is still missing. I guess that tag and category were commons taxonomies and that now that the site is multi language, they have been taken into account. How can I set the taxonomy in a multi language website ? I’ve search on the forum and doc, but I coulnd find anything…

Thanks in advance !

Ok I found the solution, I don’t know if it’s because my grav update or because I activated multilanguage but my site.yalm had been overwrited. I changed it back and now it works : )