Get request with multiple taxonomy?

how to do requests with multiple taxonomy ? like :


At the moment Grav supports multiple tags in the URL but it only supports AND:

Articles that have both taxonomies: tag = city AND tag = night will display. Hope that helps!

this tis what I was looking for, thanks

This doesn’t seem to be working for me. I tried it here, and it and it just ignores the first tag in the URL.

I am trying to perform the same function? Does anyone have a working example of this? This does not seem to be working for me. I get an error page when I pass two tags.

Actually this changed a while back to this syntax:,night

Basically comma separated list of tags is anded together. Unfortunately a bug slipped in at some point and this was broken. It is now fixed with this simple commit:

Is there a timeline for when other logic is going to be built for multiple taxonomies? I would really like to use an OR search feature.

Please create a feature request or it will slip through the cracks:

Done! #1087 Thanks for great support and wonderful product!