Adding a text input and button to plugin blueprint, and then executing plugin function when button is pressed

I just want to make a plugin that has

  • A text input
  • Some submit button

When pressed, a plugin function will be executed, which will take input data from the text input

I assume that the text input can be added using blueprints, but the button, I’m not sure…

Can anyone please guide me on how to achieve this?

It doesn’t have to be code, even just general guidance is appreciated! I’ll try my best to figure out the rest myself.

Thanks in advance!

@orthocube, There are plugins available that add functionality to Admin. Maybe their sourcecode can give you some inspiration?

One such plugins is Data Manager, which is developed by the Grav Team.

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Thank you always for your assistance!

So I need a plugin that adds functionality to the Admin, I see.

I’ll check that plugin out and learn from it.

Again, thank you very much! Your assistance has been helpful and very much appreciated.