A question about the admin editor

Hello, I’m newbe with Grav, I just installed it today, in fact I have installed the skeleton Learn2, and I have to say that it’s great, but I’m looking for a few more things.

For example, I’d looking to have a “code” button in the editor to add code examples, but I don’t find how to get it, neither I find a plugin to get.

Any idea?



Per the original spec, you just indent the code by four spaces or one tab per line. To use backticks for inline code or code-blocks, enabled Markdown Extra in settings.

Thanks OleVik.

I understand that there are no options to add a button with </br>.

Actually this could be possible.
There is this plugin, which as far as I can see have the “Code” button included.
Adding a button that would insert</br> into your Markdown content shouldn’t be very hard.