Ability to Upvote / Like?

Within Grav, is there a simple way to upvote / like posts – similar to Reddit or Discourse – on a page?

I ended up using https://www.tricider.com/, but I think this could be done using the Add Page by Form plugin with the Star Ratings or Thumb Ratings plugin.

@superhua, Looking at the site you referenced to, it is not really clear to me how ‘tricider’ is helping you.

Would you mind elaborating a bit more on how it is helping you fixing your upvote/like issue? That would make your post more helpful and hence valuable to the community.


Sure – Tricider allows users to submit ideas as well as vote on other ideas … which is what I was originally looking for.

@superhua, Yes, I understand, but how does it help you in your Grav application?

By embedding the Tricider page in a page on our Grav-based website, I was able to accomplish what I was trying to do.

But like I mentioned in #2, I now think I could have sufficiently replicated this using Grav plugins.

Ah, I thought you created a Grav solution using it. I know, I’m a bit slow-witted…