A the Gateway+Resume Mashup! Would love some feedback (and recommendations for duplicate code deletion!)

Hey all

I was feeling expiremental and I couldn’t find a skeleton that I really liked. So only knowing minimal CSS, PHP, JS, and so on I just proceeded to mash two themes together until I managed to get them to work. Presenting Gateway+Resume Mashup! This theme is the standard gateway theme, but then has a separate page where the resume theme lives

And here’s what it looks like!

this is probably all sorts of buggy, contains duplicate code all over the place, there was probably an easier way to do this (I tried to follow demos that taught how to extend a theme but the two kept breaking each other so I got frustrated and just broke things and broke things until they worked!

let me know what you think! its public on github so feel free to have at it :slight_smile:

The post only provided an image. Where is the link to the code?

Here you go! I archived it as read-only, but would love any input and such. I could bring it back if needed: