2FA doesn't show QR code

I’m running several GRAV sites on different server setups, and on all of the, the Admin Plugin’s 2FA setup is not working at all.

I flick the switch to turn it on. Nothing. No QR code or anything. Dido if I save, Still nothing.

No errors in the browser console or the GRAV log or PHP logs, so I’m stumped.
Any idea how to get it to work, or at least leave an error to diagnose?

Thanks in advance!

The third screenshot in the documentation about configuring 2FA is taken from a user profile page in the Admin. So it’s also a per user setting.

Slide the switch “2FA Enabled” to “Yes” there and the QR code will show.

Thanks @bleutzinn! That was it, I didn’t realize it was set on user level.
The directions on mention turning it on via Plugins / Admin panel, which isn’t technically correct. It should also include the second step of clicking your user profile in the sidebar, then flipping the 2FA switch on your account. As is, I thought the whole time the 2FA QR Code should be showing up on the Admin plugin page.
In order to help others who are trying to be more secure overcome this simple stumbling block, how best to file to have that amended in the docs?
Thanks again for you time and pointing it out the fix.

Yes it’s one of the unintended secrets.

Every page in the Grav documentation has a “Edit” button on the top. This takes you to the page in the grav-learn repository on GitHub.
It’s the source of the Grav Learn documentation website.

To suggest a change, you should make a local copy of the page using git, change it and do a pull request to one of the committers.