2FA broken after update Grav v1.7.10 - Admin v1.10.9

After update Grav v1.7.10 and Admin v1.10.9 2FA is broken. I got the message incorrect wrong token. I allready delete clear the cache, try different browsers, and try in private mode. Notthing did help the got the 2FA working.

Iā€™m seeing the same problem :frowning:

I suggest this is recorded against the login plugin, which was updated with the 1.7.10 update, at least for me, and is a more likely source of the fault.

Edit: apparently the fault has been identified in the admin.

The only change to the login plugin is they add an extra validation control to the password field. I see that you think the fault is in the admin plugin. Found anything?

    $password = $this->validateField('password1', $data['password'] ?? $data['password1'] ?? null);
    foreach ($data as $key => &$value) {
        $value = $this->validateField($key, $value, $key === 'password2' ? $password : '');

Here is a link to the related issue on github:

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