Frontend Edit Button Plugin not working

Is anyone using the Frontend Edit Button Plugin on a recent Grav version? It’s not working for me using Grav v1.6.26 and Admin v1.9.15.

The plugin checks the presence of a cookie with the suffix “-admin” to determine whether the current user is logged in into the Admin panel backend. When I’m logged in there’s a Grav cookie set (“grav-site-xxxxxxx”) but without the suffix. When I replace the suffix in the plugin code with ‘’ (an empty string) then the plugin works fine.

I’m not sure what the problem is. Is my install an exception and is anyone else seeing a Grav cookie with “-admin” at the end? Has the Admin plugin cookie naming changed? If so it’s interesting to know at which version that happened. I couldn’t find anything about cookies in the Changelog.

Another possibility is that the plugin isn’t used anymore. It hasn’t been updated recently and has a couple of open issues about the Edit button not showing.


When I’m logged in there’s a Grav cookie set (“grav-site-xxxxxxx”) but without the suffix

Are you logged-in into Admin or into the front-end?

When I login into Admin, there are two cookie created. One without and one with the ‘-admin’ postfix: grav-site-xxxxxxx-admin

Aha, thanks. It appears that when the back- and frontend session are split, which is default in Grav, then there are two cookies set. I mostly use session.split: false but wasn’t thinking of that. That is until you reported two cookies being present.

So the plugin assumes split sessions. I’ll submit an issue and see what happens.

Thanks for helping!