Would this be the right cms for my purpose

I want to integrate exisiting static websites with a cms.

there is another cms couchcms that is a worse cms but maybe it would do what i need more easy and fast.

would this cms be good fit for my needs (rapid and easy intergrate cms in existing static website)

Hello there,

it seems to me that CouchCMS does a completely different thing. If I understand this right, this is kind of a script that you apply to existing static pages to make them editable – yes?

Grav is nothing like that. You’d have to turn your static pages into Grav pages and set the site up. You could however then use the Blackhole plugin to generate static pages from your Grav site again.

I hope that helps with your question. If you like, explain in more detail what exactly your situation is, so we can give better advice.

I am very familiar with Couch CMS and would be interested in hearing what your specific needs are. You can also post to couchcms.com/forum (which I believe was built with Couch itself).

Couch doesn’t have the prettiest default GUI (admin panel, file manager, etc), but can be very powerful if you get to know some of its lesser know features like relations, data-bound forms, routes, and mosaics. You can even create fully functional “web apps” that users can create accounts, save documents, and so on, eliminating the need for Couch’s default backend. And there are lots of undocumented features at couchcms.com/forum.

Hello, my needs is simple and it is al about which cms could do it quiker.

I make a simple html/css website and than add a cms too it so customers can edit it themselves