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Just curious what you guys thought. Product Hunt sent me this website builder and just wanted to see how we can develop some defenses to use Grav over these type of platforms. I realize that this is a different type of beast than Grav, but they way they talk about modular builds is how we describe putting websites together.

Loving the build so far. We’re started to get the hang of handling certain things like allowing people to add social media on a global level on the admin section.

A CMS is really quite different from a “site builder”. Site builders are aimed at novice users, and you simply pick a theme (from the options available), and fill in the blanks. Customization is going too be quite limited.

Grav is a full-blow CMS giving you complete control over every facet of the site. You can take a design from a designer, and recreate it with Grav powering the content. You simply can’t do this with a “site builder”.

So, if you are looking for a super quick website and don’t care to make any modifications or add any new functionality past what the builder offers, go with that.

If you want something you can customize, add functionality to, and generally craft it to your needs (rather than the other way around) then a CMS such as Grav is what you need :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I think what my partner and I are thinking is that we tend to do some small projects where I think 6 different layouts would satisfy most of the requests. And so we were thinking to standardize some layouts and then spend some time to modify the design. I figure this could lead to a battle of why have someone do it versus using a platform like this.

And so we started thinking if we should consider the idea of getting Grav to work in a similar way for people

In general site-builders are short-lived and insufficient for anyone other than end-users, who often end up with less control than when using a prebuilt theme with a CMS. Also, Grav gives very little input to the templating or structure of a site, you are free to build that however you wish as long as the template-markup matches that of Twig (which is the most common markup for templating).

The joy of Grav is both the speed of execution and the speed of development: You can use any CSS-framework to build your site, then layer Twig ontop of that for dynamic content. I mockup sites with plain HTML, SASS, and Nunjucks as a templating-engine before importing into Grav for further production - Nunjucks and Twig share mostly the same markup, so the process is very smooth.