Why can't I edit menu item

@finnp, It would be appreciated if you put a bit more effort in your question…

? OK - I can’t edit the item, what more do u need? So here I go, I can’t edit anything in menu items, as u see in the pic it is forbitten. Why is it forbitten - du u get the drift?

@finnp, Not sure if I like the tone of your voice… I think I’ll leave it at that.

My tone - all I said was - I can’t edit items in menu. Send a pic to illustrate. Sorry if u misunderstand me.

Andy can u help? I would be glad, cuz I cant edit in menu items. Pls

Did you try logging in with Admin user and changing permissions for the current user?

Yes, I am root and permissions r all ok

What happens if you click or hover that pencil icon?

Clicking the pencil works

It is those four I can’t edit…

Sorry… As @pamtbaau said - too little information. We now can only waste time guessing. It’s the same as you brought your car to service and said it wouldn’t start :thinking: Plenty of reasons for something to go wrong

I get this symbol when I try to access

I can’t change Menu Item Type from link to separator

Repeating same thing over and over, won’t make it easier to identify the problem. Check if user belongs to some group. What are that group permissions? What are user permissions? What did you click to get to this form? What’s the URL of the page? What plugins do you have installed? Could any of the plugins override permissions? Which version of Grav? Which version of admin? And countless more questions can be added here… Make some effort yourself to solve the issue and then provide what you tried and what you found. Currently you didn’t provide any valuable information to help you.

Standard Helium site with one admin and no user groups. Latest grav version and no extra plugins. U can login here and see for yourself Grav Admin Login | Rolf Lund user:grav pass: 123Ert67

Sorry but:

Login failed…

try again, i created in a wrong site. But its ok now

And you didn’t even think to mention it’s Gantry? I don’t think this issue has anything to do with Grav itself. My suggestion is to ask about this on Gantry repo. Not many users here that could help you with this

Sorry for the gantry, I am new to this. But thanks. I will try at Gantry. Have a nice day