White Label?

I’ve been looking for a cms solution for a small web builder service I’d like to create for a specific niche group. I’m quickly falling in love with the elegance, simplicity and extensibility of Grav.

I am aware that it is open source and MIT licensed so technically I assume it would be possible to power this service with Grav but I wondered how the team feels about the idea of white labeling the software. I would be up front in my feature list that it is powered by Grav but was hoping to be able to use my own branding in the admin area and elsewhere to eliminate confusion for users.

I’d be more than willing to consider even paying or regularly donating to the development, but I wouldn’t feel right moving forward with Grav as my solution without the blessing of the creators. Thanks for your time.

No problem with that. We are actually planning on having some ‘white-label’ features in the pro version of the admin. This will include removing the name in the footer, custom logo, custom color schemes etc.

Great, thanks for the quick reply! Look forward to seeing the pro version.

Curious when “white-label” features will be available? I’ve got multiple clients I would like to setup with Grav and am willing to pay for these features. Thanks.

I’ve been working on some of these this past week. So progress is being made!

Thanks for the update! Stoked to see our options!

Just checking to see if there was any update on the pro version, along with idea of pricing? Thanks.

Any status on this? Really looking forward to it.

Been heavily focused on Grav and Admin 1.1 improvements. After that is out, we’re back on it!

Thanks for the update!

Until white-label version comes out, are we allowed to remove mention of Grav in the admin and style as needed?

Yes, but with every update, your changes will probably get lost.

Thank you.

Firstable, thank you so much for developing grav! I`m new to the system and very excited to release a first small project with it. I just wanna ask what you think: will the release of the admin pro will come until the end of 2016? And do you already have an Idea of an approximate price-(range)? Thanks in advance for a short info.

We plan on releasing it this year. Just when that is depends on a some other factors, but that’s still the ‘plan’. :slight_smile: