What is the "marketshare" of GRAV?

I am new to GRAV and after digging a bit deeper into the system, I’d like to know how established it is. GRAV already exists several years and seems to be developed constantly (although the news section in Admin Panel is not that up to date) - but it would be nice to get some information - if possible - about:

  • approximate amount of websites created with GRAV
  • approximate marketshare in general and - especially - in Germany

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You could search for grav on wappalyzer.com.
You won’t get a full report without an account, but you’ll find some information nonetheless.

w3techs also has some datas about grav.

I haven’t look at the way the datas are gathered, I’ll let you check if you find them reliable.

Hi AmauryH,
thanks for your suggestions. I’ll have a look at them.
Have a nice day,

Wappalyzer suggests that there are 1200 sites using GRAV, which seems low to me - did you find any other figures @Markus?

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According to Builtwith, there are 18700 live sites, 2700 in Germany.

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Thank you, Red! :smiley: