What exactly does cache: check: method: none does?

Hi everyone,

I’m really concerned by caching those days and I’ve noticed that using cache: check: method: none inside system.yaml decreased the server response time from 350ms to ~220ms.

What does this param exactly? What’s the difference between file and none?

FYI, everytime I change/update my Grav environment, the changes are uploaded to production and the cache is cleared.


From the docs:
“folder cache check is going to be slightly faster than file but will not work reliably in all environments. You will need to check if Grav picks up modifications to pages on your server when using the folder option. If automatic re-caching of changed pages it not critical to you, then setting this value to none will speed a production environment up even more. You will just need to manually clear the cache after changes are made.”

Yeah thanks Flavio I saw that already - but I thought I could have more informations about the issues or drawbacks it can cause and what was the difference in term of performance between File and none. Thanks anyway!

Ultimately the only way to know is to benchmark it with your provider and your content. Enable file and run your benchmarks. Then disable and check it again. You said that moving to none increased your performance, so there’s your answer. Everything is still cached. It just means that if you edit an already-cached page, you have to manually clear the cache.

That’s correct. none means the pages are not checked on page load for changes. This is obviously more efficient performance wise, but just means that any changes require a manual cache clear to be found.

Ok, that’s not an issue for me, thanks for the answer guys. I will use it, it makes the response 100 ~ 150ms faster :slight_smile: