What are the best methods to help support Grav

Just curious what things are recommended to do to best help support Grav and future developments.


  1. if you are a user, testing always helps.
  2. if you are a user and speak english, help improving the documentation is always apprecaited.
  3. if you are a user and speak another language, help with translation can be performed on Crowdin for the core and admin plugin
  4. if you are a developer, then bug fixes, new features via Pull Requests, are always appreciated.


I am going to wrap my head around how things are done in Grav and learn what I need to about Twig and Markdown (looks easier enough) and then do a full project with Grav and hopefully by then I will be experienced enough with it to be of some help.


Oh i forgot, hanging out on our gitter.im chat and these forums, and helping out where you can is also always greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

sounds good, I enjoy reading the forums and find answering questions tends to help me learn as well…

I love what I see so far and am hoping things will not get bloated as more features get added. Otherwise it just becomes like wordpress… Core updates and plugin management issues are one of the biggest complaints I have with wordpress. Developers that just stop supporting plugins or do not keep them updated, even commercial plugins can cause lots of problems when they do not stay current with core updates. I know part of an open source approach is to encourage 3rd party development for plugins, I just hope some thought is given on how to minimize the pain in the neck wordpress sites can be when dealing with plugins. Personally on my own builds I stay pretty consistent with what I use and limit how many plugins I use overall but I do freelance for other companies that this is not the case and they have lots of problems when it comes time to update the plugins they use.