Welcome team! How can I help you?

Welcome and hello everyone!
I’m from Poland, I develop mostly front-ends, know some PHP, but rather to an extent allowing me to read code, than to actually write something usefull, and I’m absolutely in love with the idea of Grav. I thought about developing simple, skeletal CMS with the same principles (ie. no database backend, flat files, working ‘out-of-the-zip’ and Markdown/YAML powered), but fortunately I have found out that it already exists and resides here :slightly_smiling_face: I’m crazy about UX, and communication in general. My daily work is software testing.

I can (and am willing to) offer to the community: ad-hoc and release testing of CMS, maybe some very minor code hotfixes, ideas for UX improvements, help with information flow, and support with promotion related activities - social media and stuff.


Welcome! There are many ways to help out:

  • You can help answering questions in the forum here and in slack
  • You can help with translations via our crowdin.com site (see docs)
  • You can help with issues on our GitHub repos
  • You can help with testing RC releases and creating issues
  • You can help by participating in social media via twitter etc

People that are particularly helpful can be invited to the Grav core team.